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FSNA 134 - Fuel Cells: Home

Created for Fall 2016 class taught by Robert Savinell.

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KSL offers a wealth of market research tools. Karen Oye, the business librarian, is available for consultations.


Guides was created for a SAGES class on fuel cells.

I personally have experience in this area from my own chemical engineering coursework and a 2 year co-op with a company that specialized in electrochemistry.


Guides exist for all engineering departments, major research areas, and many classes. Below is an important sample relevant to fuel cells.


Patents are tough to search. I recommend contacting me for a consultion. Want to try for yourself? Here are couple nice starting places,


Brian Gray
Title: Team Leader Research Services; RSL for Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering AND Macromolecular Science & Engineering
Kelvin Smith Library 201-K
(216) 368-8685