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Think Forum: Sarah Lewis (2015): Discussion Questions

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Sample Questions

Here are a few discussion questions to help you generate your own: 
  1. What has been the most important "near miss" in your life?
  2. What is the most interesting "near miss" that you've discovered in your research?
  3. What motivates those that you've studied to work toward "mastery"?
  4. Have you noticed differences in the way females and males view "near misses"?
  5. How does a person shift his or her perception of "failure" to "near miss"?
  6. Many of the examples you give involve people and their life's work. How can students apply these ideas to high school--especially to classes that don't really interest them?
  7. If a creator considers his or her work "unfinished," how do they deal with due dates and deadlines?