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FSCC 100 Fall 2015: VeriChip: Home

Resources to write an essay, either for or against implanting the VeriChip.

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VPN Reminder

Library resources are accessed openly by Case wired computers or by using the Case Wireless network. If connecting in any other method, please install, turn on, and log into VPN.

At the bottom of the KSL homepage, a green light says you have full access.

Order of using research resources

1. Get familiar with and explore your topic using Google, Wikipedia, popular magazines, newspapers,  and so on. 

2. Narrow down your topic with books and references found from the library's online catalog.

3. Get more details about your topic by reading review articles, which can be found from the library's online databases.

4. Find journal articles about your topic from the library's online databases.

Note: Research is not a one-way process. Sometimes you will go back and forth between different types of resources. Sometimes you will find your initial idea does not work and you will have to start over.

Recommended database

How to find articles for your topic

1. Identify key concepts and their synonyms in your topic/question.

2. Build your search statement using boolean operators (AND, OR , and NOT), and wildcards and truncations. Connect your concepts with "AND,"  and connect the synonyms of each concept with "OR."

3. Do the initial search and examine the results. It is possible that you can learn new ideas/terms/subjects for you topic from Subjects and Author-supplied Keywords found in some articles.

4.Go back and modify your initial search and possibly repeat the re-search process.

5. Save or export the articles you have found for your topic.


Yuening Zhang
Kelvin Smith Library 201-G