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 eBooks--selected online books available through the Case libraries

Selected e-books are available on smart phones, tablets, and pads. Case has a huge collection of ebooks that crosses disciplines and interests. Use this guide to find what you need. 

What this guide contains:

1. A collection of core ebooks and online reference works that are licensed by the Case and/or OhioLINK libraries.

2. Links to ebooks that are freely accessible over the Internet.

3. Information about ebook readers

4. Consumer blogs and other advisory sites

How this Guide is Arranged

Browse collections by clicking the tabs on the page menu above. 

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Find more books

To find more books--both electronic and print--search the online catalogs of the Case and OhioLINK libraries.


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A note about access

Case Western Reserve University students, faculty, and staff may access licensed ebooks via ethernet cable or VPN. If you are off campus or using Case's wireless network, you must have VPN installed, running, and logged in on your computer. The library homepage has a network connection status indicator (see image below) at the top of the right column. A green light means your campus network connection is active; a red light means you need to authenticate with VPN. For more information about VPN visit here: VPN.



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