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Research guide for ENGL 400

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This guide was constructed to help you with research needs that you’ll have while taking English 400. In particular, I have included several ideas for finding reviews of the two pedagogy books used in the SAGES program: They Say, I Say and The Craft of Research.

Feel free to contact the librarian if you have any questions.

Note that most of the images are also links that will take you directly into the sources mentioned.

English Specific Databases

Databases specific to research in English can be found on the library's research databases page. You can use the expanding menus on the left hand side to find them (look under Arts and Humanities) or you can go directly to a database using the alphabetical listing at the top.

The primary comprehensive database in the field is the MLA International Bibliography. MLA International Bibliography can be searched by keyword, thesaurus index term, author, publication name and many other ways.

 Full text and/or library holdings for items in the database can be found using the Find It link .

Finding Scholarly Reviews

You’ve been asked to find scholarly reviews and other discussions of the two books used in SAGES seminars. Here are some ideas on how to find them.

How would you start? The way many of us start ALL of our searching: with Google!

If you search Google for the titles of these books, you are lead to helpful, but not necessarily pertinent results, such as the publisher’s page for the book, the Amazon page for the book, and other bookseller’s pages. How do we get to better results on Google?

Two things to consider when using Google is to use their specialized, rather than general searching functions. Two that are particularly helpful for this assignment are Google's Blog search function and Google Scholar. Give them a try using the book titles, and you will see that the results are more helpful.

However, these will only be partially helpful when searching for scholarly reviews of these books. These two books are used in many wide ranging disciplines, and as such, have been reviewed in many publications that you might not normally look for- and ones that are not indexed in the MLA International Bibliography.

The EBSCOhost database front end has a very powerful searching feature that allows you to search ALL of the EBSCOhost databases simultaneously. When you are in one of the EBSCOhost databases, like the MLA, click on the link at the top that says “choose databases” and then check the “select all” box. You can see that there is a long list of general and discipline specific databases that you will search. Now search for your book titles- you’ll see some interesting results.

I don’t normally recommend searching many, many databases at once, but in this case, it works quite well.

General Library Resources

Links to the library’s catalog, course reserves, and research databases can all be found on the library’s home page


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