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Nanotechnology: Books

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Subject Headings

HD 9999 .N36-.N364

Nanostructured materials industry

QC 176.8 .M5

Solid state physics, micromechanics

QC 176.8 .N35

Solid state physics, nanomechanics, nanostructures



R 856

Biomedical engineering (includes general medical applications of nanotechnology)

R 857 .B54

Biosensors (nanotechnology finds wide application here.)


Nanoparticles in medicine

T 174.7

Nanotechnology (was: Technological change)

TA 418.9 .N35

Nanostructured materials

TA 418.9 .S62

"Smart" materials

TA 1530


TK 7874.8

Molecular electronics

TK 7874.84


TK 7874.85


TK 7874.88

Quantum dots

TK 7875 .M52

Microelectromechanical systems

TK 7875 .N373

Nanoelectromechanical systems

KSL Books

For more nanotechnology books, try the follow subject headings: nanoscience, nanostructured materials, nanostructures, nanotechnology, and nanotubes.

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