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Faculty Workshop Series: Session 1: Increasing Your Scholarly Impact as a Faculty Member

Increasing your Scholarly Impact: Navigating Promotion and Tenure A University Libraries Workshop Series

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Session 1: Increasing your Scholarly Impact as a Faculty Member - February 15th

Course Description

  • Demonstrating the value of your contributions to a research field is a fundamental part of building the case for promotion and tenure.  This session will set the stage for the workshop series by describing scholarly impact and why it is important for making your promotion and tenure case.  It will introduce various methods for tracking the influence and readership of your work, as well as describing your scholarly contributions in concrete, numerical terms with established measures.  These measures include Author h-index numbers, Altmetrics (alternative metrics), citation counting and tracking tools such as Google Scholar and Web of Knowledge, and venues for review and discussion of your scholarship.

  • Impact numbers/measures
  • Author h-index
  • Altmetrics
  • Citation counting
  • Teaching and evaluations

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