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Length of check-out: Projectors are rented for $40 for 2 nights

What you should know: For best results, we recommend this projector for in-door use only. A screen is not needed if projecting onto a flat wall, but we do offer screen rentals for an additional $20 for 2 nights.

Where to buy: B&H

Complete users manual: Infocus IN3118HD 1080p Network DLP Projector Manual

Using the InFocus 1080p Lumen Projector

You will get:

  • InFocus IN3118HD DLP 1080p Projector
  • Power Cord
  • VGA Cable

Getting Started

1.) Plug Power Cord into the back of the projector.

2.) Next, plug the Power Cord into an available outlet.

3.) Remove protective lenses cap.

4.) Plug VGA Cable into the back of the projector. Alternatively,  an HDMI Cable may be used by plugging into the port located to the right of the VGA port.

5.) Plug VGA Cable into the computer.

Some common buttons and locations:

Quick Guide

 Note: Remote is not lent.