Devices: Tablet, iPad

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Length of loan: 2 nights

What you should know: The first time you turn on one of our iPads, you will be prompted to go through a series of set-up screens, including the ability to log into your Apple account. Staff will clear all important personal data off each iPad upon check in to ensure that personal information is not passed along to others.

If you are having issues connecting to CWRU resources, incluidng wireless, please contact the Help Desk at 368-HELP.

Where to buy: Apple Store

Complete users manual: iPad User Guide

Using the iPad 4

You will get:

  • iPad 4
  • Charger

Getting Started

1.) Turn on the iPad by clicking the button located on the upper right corner of the screen.

2.) Once on, slide the arrow at the bottom of the screen to the right.

3.) Next, you will be prompted to go through a series of set-up options:

  1. Choose Language
  2. Choose Country or Region This step tells the iPad which version of the Apple App Store to use, as not all apps are available in all countries.
  3. Choose a Wi-Fi Network If you are on campus, you may choose CaseGuest or CaseWireless. Your dorm room or home Wi-Fi will also work.
  4. Enable Location Services This feature allows the device to determine where it is located. You may consider enabling this service to take full advantage of many apps that use locative information. If later you decide that you no longer want the iPad to find its location, you can disable the service or choose specifically which apps to allow or disallow.
  5. Set up as New or Restore From Backup (iTunes or iCloud) Our iPads allow each borrower to have a unique experience with the device. You may choose to access your iTunes or iCloud account. An iCloud account is used as data backup storage in the instance the device is lost or stolen. While you information may be saved, borrowers are responsible for the care and return of iPads lent through the Freedman Center.
  6. Enter Apple ID or create new Apple ID If this is your first time with any Apple device, you may set up an Apple ID or use your current account. This step is not required and can be skipped. It is suggested that iTunes is also installed on your PC. The program expands features of the iPad and makes it run smoother.
  7. Agree to Terms and Conditions. You will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions in order to continue.
  8. Create a Passcode This passcode protects your data and is used to unlock the iPad. You can also choose not to add a passcode. 
  9. Siri This application uses natural language user interface to perform tasks such as answer questions, make recommendations (restaurants, for example), schedule meetings or reminders, send e-mails and more. Over time, Apple suggests that the software will adapt to a user’s unique preferences. You can, however, opt out of using Siri.
  10. Diagnostics The final step is to choose whether or not to send a daily diagnosis report. Apple uses the information solely to provide better service to its customers.

4.) The iPad is now configured and ready to use. You may download apps and log into other accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, your personal e-mail and more.