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What is DH?

What is DH? 

"The Digital Humanities is both an evolving field with a discernable set of academic lineages, practices, and methodologies and a vague umbrella term used to describe the application of digital technology to traditional humanistic inquiry. Ultimately, what sets DH apart from many other humanities fields is its methodological commitment to building things as a way of knowing." Matthew Gold, CUNY

"Digital Humanities is any scholarly activity that makes extensive use of one or more of the new possibilities for teaching and research opened up by the unique affordances of digital media. These include, but are not limited to, new forms of collaboration, new forms of publication, and new methods for visualizing and analyzing data." Diane Jakacki, Bucknell University

"As our collective attention to and practices in the digital remediation of scholarly materials, methods, and communications." Paul Fyfe, North Carolina State University

"A community of practice using and critiquing digital tools to further humanities study." Amanda French, George Mason University

"Digital humanities is the use of computational tools or approaches to find patterns in humanistic production, when those patterns are then used for interpretive purpose." Brian Croxall, Emory University

"At its simplest, DH is the utilization of computers and computational tools for the exploration, analysis, and production of humanistic knowledge." Jennifer Guiliano, Indiana University

"Digital tools and methodologies thoughtfully applied to humanistic research questions, or the critique thereof." Quinn Dombrowski, UC Berkeley

"How do I define DH? Reluctantly." Bethany Nowviskie, University of Virginia

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