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Daniela Solomon
Kelvin Smith Library Room 201-L
Phone 216-368-8790

Research Services Librarian for Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Welcome to Introduction to Business for Engineers

Business research incorporates many aspects that work together to help us understand companies, industries, market research, trends, product development, news, and much more. It's common to use several databases to fully understand a company and its place in the business world. Tips:

  • Business databases use a double-menu approach to their displays–when you click on one item in a menu bar, the menu items below it will change to reflect what you first selected. 
  • Save time, get the right item first–always type slowly when entering a company name, to catch specialized spellings, hyphenated names, headquarter country.

 Start by getting a broad view of your company with snapshots & data of several areas, including people, products, trends, competitors, news, and data, with databases like Intellect, Factiva, IBISWorld and FirstResearch. 

 For more advanced research, deeper data points, and extensive world news you may need the deep financials & create-list options in Mergent Online, the broader news & company details in Factiva, or the large industry reports of BCC.

 Keep up on your topic and/or company with search results (journals, reviews, news) in Business Source Complete database or by reading specialized journals. Use the left side menu options to refine the initial search results.

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