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Library research guide created for FSNA 158 class.

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Information Research Steps

  1. Preparing for research
    • Exploring, questioning, and connecting
      • What is the information problem or question I am going to solve or answer?
      • What do I know already about the topic?
      • Can I find enough information?
      • Is my topic too big for this assignment?
      • Do I understand my topic?
    • How do I decide what information to search for?
      • Brainstorm
      • Identify keywords and subtopics
      • Form a focus
      • Ask questions
    • State your topic as a question. This will help you clarify your thoughts and define your topic.
  2. Accessing resources
    • Searching and locating
    • Identify useful resources
    • Formulate search plan and strategies
    • Scan text for usefulness
    • Refine search strategies
    • Evaluate information specific to task
  3. Processing information
    • Collecting and managing
    • Evaluate information
      • CARS model for evaluation
    • Apply critical reading and thinking strategies
    • Determine importance of information and its relevance to essential question
    • Make inferences, identify trends, interpret data
    • Take notes, organize ideas
  4. Synthesizing
    Create new meaning or understanding

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