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Printing at the Freedman Center

How to bring in your poster

You can drop off your ready to print file in-person at the Freedman Center any time we are open and it will be printed within 48 hours.  Our 48 hour turn around time does not include days we are closed, so check our hours before dropping off your file!  If you need your poster sooner, there is a $5 rush fee for expedited service.  The following are cut-off times for expedited service:

  • In by 1pm - ready for pickup at least 1-hour before close on the same business day
  • In by close - ready for pickup at least by 1pm on the following business day

Posters are accepted in .pdf formats only. PowerPoint files are still accepted for poster printing appointments.  Files must be brought in on a USB drive in-person.  We do not accept direct email submissions, except under extenuating circumstances (ie: you are studying abroad or conducting field research outside of the Cleveland area).  

Tips to avoid conversion issues:

  • Avoid using .bmp, .gif, or Prism files on your poster, they may cause printing errors.  Save graphs and images into another file format when possible.  

NOTE: If you bring in a poster it cannot exceed 20MB.

What will be asked during the drop off

Dimensions and scaling:

The first thing that will be checked are the dimensions of your poster. Based on your poster's size, we can change its size based on its aspect ratio. For example, if your poster is 21" x 35", we can increase the size to 42" x 70", but we will not print it out at 42" x 55" as that will distort the poster. 

If you want your poster to be printed at a size that your poster does not naturally scale up or down to, you will be asked to edit it yourself on your own computer or one of ours.

The longest length the short side of your poster may be is 42".

Types of paper, poster tubes, laminating, and foam board mounting:

You will be asked which type of paper you want. This not only determines what type of paper your poster is on, but the price as well. Each bullet point below describes the types of paper we offer grouped by price range.  See Pricing and payment for more information.

  • Regular paper is like printer paper, but larger.
  • ma / sgl / gl - all of these are thicker and are more durable.
    • ma = matte paper; it is paper with a matte finish.
    • sgl = semigloss paper; it is the midway point between gloss and matte paper.
    • gl = gloss paper; it looks like photo paper but it is a bit thinner.
    • Samples can be found at the desk when dropping off your poster
  • Prem: ca / ad
    • ca = canvas; it is like the cloth found on an art canvas.
    • ad = adhesive; it is like matte paper, but the back is sticky (it has a plastic cover, so it can be removed right before applying it to the surface).

In addition you will be asked about getting a poster tube. We have cardboard poster tubes that come in lengths of 36" and 42", and Ice Poster Tubes (plastic tubes with a strap) come in lengths 24", 36", and 42".

You can also have Laminating and Foam Board Mounting done for your posters. You can find out more by clicking on the hyperlinks. 

How you will be contacted:

You will also be asked for your name, email, phone number, and how you would like to be contacted.


Pick up:

Once you are contacted, you are able to come in any time from opening until 30 minutes before our closing time to pick up your poster.  You can find our hours here.

What to expect during pickup

When you arrive at the Freedman Center, you should let the assistant know that you are picking up a poster and the last name on the order.  If you have a last name that is known to have multiple spellings providing the correct spelling is appreciated! 

Once your poster has been retrieved, you will be offered the chance to see the poster prior to paying for it.  This is optional. 

Once the poster is ready to be paid for the type of payment will determine what happens next:

  • SpeedType
    • Have a great day! Your SpeedType will be charged automatically.
  • Cash / CaseCash / Check
    • Go to the Main Desk to pay for the poster with the paper invoice that was attached to your poster.
      • If you do not have enough CaseCash you can deposit more here with a Master or Visa card and your 7 digit student ID number.
    • Please make sure to return the paper invoice to the assistant. They will hold onto your poster until the stamped invoice indicating payment has been processed is returned to them.
  • Credit / Debit Card
    • We do not take these forms of payment. You will be asked to go to an ATM to withdraw money. The closest one is in Thwing. The assistant can hold onto the poster until you either withdraw money or transfer money into CaseCash and pay for it as such. 
      • You can deposit money into your CaseOneCard with a Master or Visa card with your 7 digit student ID number. You can do that here.
    • Look above at Case / CaseCash / Check to see how to pay with those payment forms.
    • After you return the invoice to the assistant, you will be given your poster.

All print orders must be picked up within 30 days.  After 30 days, your poster will be discarded and a charge will be placed on your library account or SpeedType (if one was provided during drop-off).