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Printing at the Freedman Center

Printing on the LaserJet

For the LaserJet printer (black and white or color), we are able to print on regular printer paper for 25¢ per side (50¢ for one double sided sheet of paper). We also have resume paper and cardstock which are 50¢ per side ($1 for one double sided sheet of paper).

If you are printing in black and white on regular paper, you are encouraged to use the WEPA printers located near the KIC scanners and the restrooms on the first floor of the library. They have a cheaper rate for the black and white printing on regular paper. But if both of the WEPA printers are down, we can print for you with our lower quality printer and will charge 5¢ per side, rounding up to the nearest 25¢ (we cannot charge less than 25¢ and must charge in increments of 25¢). 

We are also able to print on envelopes, we charge 5¢ per envelope, and we round up to the nearest 25¢.

Bringing your own paper

We are only able to print on paper that is LaserJet compatible. If you would like to bring your own paper, we must see the box that the paper comes in to confirm that it is compatible. 

If you would like to print on third party paper, you can make an appointment by contacting to review the file and paper to determine if we are able to use it.  Pricing will be determined at that time if we are able to accommodate the request.