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Printing at the Freedman Center

Payment info

For payment, we only accept SpeedType, CaseCash, Cash, and Check. When providing a SpeedType please make sure that you also provide your Department name.

We do not take debit or credit cards. We also do not accept pre-payments and do not offer refunds.  Dollar bills over $20 will not be accepted (i.e. no 50s, 100s). 

If you want to set up a SpeedType for your class or lab to use please contact We will request the dates they can print, the names of the authorized people, and any limitations on what they can print (paper type, number of prints, tube included, etc.).  While we cannot permanently keep SpeedTypes on file, we can do this on a case-by-case purpose for a limited amount of time.

Pricing for non-poster items

For pricing, read horizontally. 
We also can print in black and white on a lower-quality printer for 5¢ /side, but we round the charges up to the nearest 25¢.
For the pricing of the Foam Board Mounting we will charge for the size of board that needs to be used.

The Poster Tubes are cardboard tubes that come in 36" and 42". The Ice Poster Tubes are priced at the size in the parenthesis. 

Poster printing pricing

Prices for poster printing are primarily dependent on the longest length of the poster.

For example, if the poster is 18" x 48" you will be charged for the 48" price. The prices can be found below. They will be read horizontally as indicated by the boxes in the 24" or less length area. 

  • Regular paper is like printer paper, but larger.
  • ma / sgl / gl - all of these are thicker and are more durable.
    • ma = matte paper; it is paper with a matte finish.
    • sgl = semigloss paper; it is the midway point between gloss and matte paper.
    • gl = gloss paper; it looks like photo paper but it is a bit thinner.
    • Samples can be found at the Freedman Center desk when dropping off your poster
  • Prem: ca / ad
    • ca = canvas; it is like the cloth found on an art canvas.
    • ad = adhesive; it is like matte paper, but the back is sticky (it has a plastic cover, so it can be removed right before applying it to the surface).

If your longest length is longer than 72", you will be charged by every additional foot rounding up.

Other than the length of the poser, if your poster has more than 50% of it covered in a dark or saturated color, it will be charged an additional $5 or $10 based on the length.

For the rush fee, it is an extra $5 per poster. For what this charge means, please refer to the Dropping off ready to print files.