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Printing at the Freedman Center

Before you get started...

This tutorial teaches you how to print a photo at the Freedman Center.

Before you begin, please visit the Multimedia student assistant at the Freedman Center front desk to make sure the correct size paper is loaded in the photo printer.

Photo printing is priced per photo, see the pricing tab for more information.

At the Freedman Center, Photo Printing is self service. You will be expected to remain at the Center for the entirety of the photo printing process. In addition, when you are printing, please only send 3 files to the printer queue at once. This way multiple people can print at the same time.

Bringing your own paper

We are no longer able to accommodate requests to print on paper we do not provide.  All printing on the Epson must use Freedman Center provided paper.

Setting up your picture to print

Open the Adobe folder and open Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.

Choose Open... under the File dropdown menu and select the photo(s) you wish to print.

If needed, crop the photo. There are two options for cropping:

  • Click the crop option from the left tool bar. Drag the corners until the dotted border is around the part you want printed.

  • If you wish your photo to be a specific size, click the crop tool and at the top there will be a crop bar. Up there you may insert whatever size you want to make your photo.

  • Hit the Enter key when your border is over your photo correctly to execute the crop.

Check that the photo is the size you would like to print at.

  • Go to Image > Image Size
  • Lock the dimensions to keep your image to scale.
  • Set your width and height as you desire.
  • Select OK.

Print Settings & Printing

Once your photo is ready, select File > Print...

  • Under Printer Setup, select "Epson Stylus Pro 3880."
  • Make sure the correct orientation is selected (portrait or landscape).
  • Select "Print Settings" And make the following adjustments:
    • Media Settings: Media Type > Premium Photo Glossy
    • Media Settings: Print Quality > Quality 
    • Paper Settings: Size > Photo Series > select desired size
    • If you want to print size 11x17, under Paper Settings: Size, choose US-ANSI and select 11x17
  • Check the Box for "Borderless" and click "OK"
    • Note: if you check "Borderless," it will magnify the image and may cut some areas off during printing
  • Make sure that the assistant at the desk has told you that the correct paper has been loaded for printing.
  • Select print.
  • You can pick up your photo(s) from the assistant at desk.


Photo Pricing

This is the price of the pictures you print by size of paper. This is read from left to right and the price listed per papers.

The 20 (8"x10") Photo Print Card (seen below) allows you to bulk purchase the ability to print 20 photos prints on 8" x 10" photo paper. Your card will be hole punched on the little colored squares of printers, and once it is empty, you have printed 20 photos.