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Information on getting started using RefWorks at Case Western Reserve University
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Access RefWorks

Please make sure you authenticate with the wireless network BEFORE you login!

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What is RefWorks?

Before you use RefWorks it helps to understand what it is and how it works.

RefWorks is an online system where you can store references and citations in preparation of writing a paper or doing a presentation. RefWorks uses a system of folders to organize your citations. You can create as many folders as needed, move citations between folders, and rename or delete folders. The 3 main features of RefWorks are:

  • storing & organizing your citations
  • creating correctly formatted bibliographies
  • creating in-text references

Why should you use RefWorks?

  1. It's free to all students and employees of Case Western Reserve University
  2. It's simple to use- yet very powerful
  3. Access and manage your information online from any browser
  4. It stores your citations in the cloud so you can access them anywhere you have internet access.
  5. RefWorks is available in several language interfaces
  6. Your RefWorks account remains active upon your graduation, allowing for life-long access.

VPN Reminder

IMPORTANT NOTE about access to library resources:

If your computer is not connected directly to the Case network via ethernet cable, you may authenticate using VPN. If you are off campus or using Case's Guest wireless, you must have VPN installed, running, and logged in on your computer.

The library homepage has a network connection status indicator in the lower left corner. A green light means your campus network connection is active, or a red light means you need to authenticate with VPN. The status indicator looks like this:

VPN indicator green light

On campus, Case Wireless is the preferred network and does not require VPN. If you cannot connect or it is not working, Case Guest wireless with VPN is your other option.

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