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Research guide for SAGES USSO 265

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Library resources are accessed openly by Case wired computers or by using the Case Wireless network. If connecting in any other method, please install, turn on, and log into VPN.

At the bottom of the KSL homepage, a green light says you have full access.


This guide was constructed to help you research topics in courtship, historical, literary, contemporary and otherwise.

Feel free to contact the librarian if you have any questions.

Note that most of the images are also links that will take you directly into the sources mentioned.


Yes, books! There are countless books published on the various topics you are studying, particular those related to the history of courtship, marriage, and gender roles. Remember that finding a book on your topic can be a short cut to research, as the author will provide you with many other focused choices in his or her bibliography!

In the library catalog, try using the Library of Congress Subject Heading "Marriage" for example. Explore the Related Topics link. Also notice the subheadings- for example, if you are interested specifically in marriage in the United States, you can refine your subject search by searching for "marriage - United states".

Also, remember to broaden the number of books you are searching, or to find a copy of a book that we own but is checked out, click on the at the top of the catalog page and you’ll be whisked into the OhioLINK Central Catalog.

Electronic Books

OK, how about electronic books? We have access to THOUSANDS, full text!

Try searching the collection at the OhioLINK E-book Center (EBC). You can search for your topic through this collection. When you are looking at a single title in the collection, it will show you where your terms appear.

Another excellent collection is Oxford Scholarship Online. Like the EBC, you can search through the full text of nearly 2000 scholarly books across many disciplines.

Reference Sources

Take an even easier shortcut and let a specialist guide you to sources. By using a reference source- a scholarly encyclopedia- you are letting the expert help you out. And you can do this online as well.

The OhioLINK EBC has many reference books in the collection, so you can start there.

Also try another collection from Oxford, Oxford Reference Online. Notice that in the longer entries from the Oxford publications, the bibliography will include , helping you track down the sources the expert suggests you look at. Also note that the source will tell you how to reference it in your own bibliography!

Article Databases

If you want to search for articles (magazine, journal or newspaper) on your topic rather than books, turn to the research databases.

As always, Academic Search Complete is an excellent place to start- a broad range of interdisciplinary sources, and a LOT of full text articles available. It is the best of the one-stop shopping for research. For example, look at the number of items available when you do a search for "same sex marriage".

If you want to dig even deeper, check out our list of databases related to Women's Studies . You’ll find specialized databases here like Contemporary Women’s Issues, Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index, and GLBT Life.

General Library Resources

Links to the library’s catalog, course reserves, and research databases can all be found on the library’s home page


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