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3rd Personal Librarian and First Year Experience Library Conference: About

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Past Conference Highlights

The 2014 and 2016 National Personal Librarian & First Year Experience Library Conference saw more than 140 participants from 75 organizations at each event.

Important Dates

Registration Opens: November 10, 2017

Registration Closes: March 2, 2018

Conference Dates: March 21-22, 2018

Credit Card Payment: As of February 12, 2018, only credit card payments will be accepted.

Stay Connected

Join the conference mailing list by emailing Brian Gray, Team Leader of Research Services, at


Phone: (216) 368-2992

Brian Gray
Team Leader of Research Services

E. Gail Reese
Associate Director for Public Engagement and Library Administration


Conference History

Founded in 2014, the National Personal Librarian & First Year Experience Library Conference is a 2-day event and is the first and only of its kind in the country that focuses on all aspects of the first-year student experience and the personalization of outreach and services for incoming students. Additionally, the conference is centered around creating sustainable library initiatives, assessing service and resource outcomes, and building collaborative relationships between the library and across the academic enterprise.

Past Conference Statistics


Conference Planning Committees

Local Planning Committee:

Liz Bernal, Assessment Officer, Kelvin Smith Library, CWRU

Corina Chang, Manager Marketing & Communication, Kelvin Smith Library, CWRU

Brian Gray, Team Leader Research Services & Engineering Research Services Librarian, Kelvin Smith Library, CWRU; Coordinator for Personal Librarian Program

Sarah Mendez, Finance & Assessment Manager, Kelvin Smith Library, CWRU

Gina Midlik, Planning, Budgets, & Assessment Team Leader, Kelvin Smith Library, CWRU

Gail Reese, Associate Director for Public Engagement & Library Administration, Kelvin Smith Library, CWRU; Coordinator for Personal Librarian Program

Angela Sloan, Library Planning, Budget & Assessment Department Assistant, Kelvin Smith Library, CWRU

Jen Starkey, Research Services Librarian, Kelvin Smith Library, CWRU

External Planning Committee:

Lynne Bisko, Outreach Librarian and Associate Librarian, Carol Grotnes Belk Library, Elon University

Heather Buchansky, Student Engagement Librarian, University of Toronto Libraries

Lorna Dawes, Assistant Professor & First Year Experience Librarian, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Tom Hyland, Associate Professor & Library Instruction Coordinator, Lakeland Community College Library

Raymond Pun, First-Year Student Success Librarian, California State University, Fresno

Elizabeth Yates, Liaison/Scholarly Communication Librarian, Brock University