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International Year of Periodic Table: High School Students

KSL Celebration of the International Year of the Periodic Table

Activity for High School Students


Starting October 1, students will invited to research a chemical element of their choice from the periodic table and create a drawing accompanied by a written fact sheet for that element.

The drawings may be hand-drawn or created on a computer, and must be no larger than 8.5×11 inches. The drawing must clearly represent the information students found most interesting about the element they studied. Submissions will be accepted as PDFs through the online form available at until October 27th, at 11:59PM.

The fact sheet must be neat, preferably typed in blue/black ink, not larger than 8.5×11 inches, and contain the following information: the element's name, atomic number, atomic mass, symbol, its uses, and information on the environmental impact of its extraction, refinement, use, etc. Students will be required to provide a list of at least three sources they used for the project. A list of easily-accessible local resources will be provided to encourage students to use information responsibly.

One $50 gift card will be awarded to each of the three categories: most creative, most information-rich, and judges’ pick. All participants will receive a certificate of participation. 

All submissions will be on display on the tables during the Friday event, and participants will have the opportunity to observe and discuss other students’ works.

Submission form