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Work Smart Not Hard: First Year Challenge Game!: Home

This guide will give you all the info you need to participate in KSL's challenge for first year students, put on by the Personal Librarian Program! The challenge will take place in September 2018 with each week presenting a new opportunity to win points

What is the "Work Smart. Not Hard" Challenge?

Over the course of 4 weeks, first-year students earn points for their residential floors as teams, and learn about what Kelvin Smith Library has to offer.  Each week there will be one challenge that students can complete to earn one point for their floor

  • Floor participation is calculated by a percentage of students participating from each floor
  • Students don't have to enter all 4 weeks to earn points
  • Only first-year students are eligible for floor points
  • TOP PRIZE: highest participation rate at the end wins a Chipotle Party for their floor!
  • WEEKLY DRAWING: win a gift card to Subway, Panera, or Starbucks
  • Rules/Prizes are at the discretion of KSL
  • Questions? Jen Starkey

Who are your Personal Librarians?  
        Cedar Residential College: Mark Clemente & Mark Eddy                  Juniper Residential College: Brian Gray & Evan Meszaros
        Mistletoe Residential College: Jen Starkey & Yuening Zhang           Clarke Residential College: Daniela Solomon & Jennine Vlach
        Magnolia Residential College: Jacey Kepich & Karen Oye                Commuter Students: Jen Starkey & Yuening Zhang

Week 1: Famous Alumni

Stephanie Tubbs JonesWhen:    Sun 9/2 through Sat 9/8
Where:   Check in any time in KSL on the main floor, look for the Famous Alumni display
What:     Complete 1 challenge question and earn a point for your floor!

Image: Stephanie Tubbs Jones (Wikimedia Commons)

Week 2: Meet your Personal Librarians, Leutner Fireplace Lounge

When:    Wed. 9/12, 5-8pm 
Where:   Leutner Commons Fireplace Lounge
What:     Stop by before or after dinner, learn about what the Personal Librarian program offers, get some KSL swag, and "check in" at the event on CampusGroups to earn a point for your floor!

Week 3: KSL Hogwarts Challenge

When:    Wed. 9/19, 12-8pm
Where:   Stop by the table in the lobby of KSL
What:     Celebrate 20 Years of Harry Potter! Explore our Hogwarts display and learn about the services at KSL.  Answer a few challenge questions to get your point for your floor. The first 40 visitors can choose from Harry Potter-themed gifts (first come first served)

Week 4: Games on the Oval

When:    Friday 9/28 12-3pm 
Where:   Oval Lawn outside of KSL
What:     Stop by to get your points for your floor, eat some treats, and stay to play corn hole, lawn games, or brain teaser games! 

Events and Information

Final Standings 10/2/2018

Storrs 3 57.14%
Clarke 7 37.50%
Raymond 3 33.33%
Clarke 4 19.17%
Smith 3 16.91%
Taft 3 16.18%
Taplin 3 16.18%
Norton 3 15.79%
Cutler 4 15.63%
Tabplin 4 15.44%
Storrs 1&2 14.86%
Clarke 2 14.84%
Smith 4 13.97%
Taft 4 13.97%
Taft 1&2  13.82%
Hitchcock 4 12.14%
Clarke 5 11.72%
Raymond 3 11.54%
Cutler 1&2 10.98%
Tyler 1&2 10.53%
Tyler 4 9.87%
Hitchcock 3 9.29%
Smith 1&2 9.21%
Hitchcock 1&2 8.97%
Taplin 1&2 8.78%
Norton 1&2 8.13%
Raymond 1&2 8.13%
Pierce 3 7.86%
Storrs 4 7.86%
Pierce 1&2 6.71%
Tyler 3 6.41%
Norton 4 5.92%
Raymond 4 5.13%
Cutler 3 5.00%
Clarke 6 4.69%
Raymond 1&2 3.95%
Raymond 4 3.95%
Clarke 3 3.13%
Pierce 4 2.14%