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Audio Capture


  • Make sure to create your own folder with your network ID (abc123) under D: Drive.

  • If you want to extract the sound from a video that's on a DVD media, please first extract the video from the DVD; for that purpose, please refer to this guide.

Loading Files

  • Open TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 6 under VIDEO folder on the desktop.
    • Be careful not to open TMPGEnc Authoring Works, they have different uses.

  • Select New Project, then select the video file from which you wish to extract the audio in the pop-up window.


Formatting and Encoding

  • A new window will pop up with the selected video clip displayed. If you wish to crop the video, please refer to our Audio and Video Editing Guide.
  • Click OK in the right bottom corner to close the pop up.

  • Click on the Format tab and choose the intended output format of the audio file; usually, keeping the default setting (WAVE Format, 44100Hz 16bit Stereo) is good.

  • Select Encode tab, choose the destination (your folder under D:\ drive) and the name of your output file using the Browse button, then click Start to extract the audio. The file should appear in your folder.