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Audio Capture

Before We Get Started

  • Create yourself a folder in the D: Drive Storage folder and label it with your network ID.

  • Insert the headset into one of the USB ports of the computer tower under the desk. The headset shown below can be borrowed at the KSL front desk.

  • Wear the microphone headset as shown below, making sure you can both hear and speak clearly.

Setting Up Sound Forge

  • Open the AUDIO Folder on the desktop and open the Sound Forge Audio Studio.


  • Select the red Record button.

  • Use the drop down in Audio Input to select input source. 
  • Verify that speaking into the microphone affects the recording levels. Ideally, your levels on the decibel meter should be around 15, and not at all in the red zone. 

  • To adjust the levels, change the volume settings of the input by going to the Start Menu, hitting Control Panel, selecting Sound, and then increasing the Input volume levels on your microphone.

  • When you are ready to record, press the red record button in the already-open recording window. 
  • When finished, press the stop button to end the recording. Close the pop up window.
  • NOTE: Selecting the red record button again will add to the end of the current track.


Additional Steps