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RefWorks 2.0 Guide: How to Use RefWorks at Case: Need Help?

Information on getting started using RefWorks at Case Western Reserve University

Ask A Librarian

VPN Reminder

Library resources are accessed openly by Case wired computers or by using the Case Wireless network. If connecting in any other method, please install, turn on, and log into VPN.

At the bottom of the KSL homepage, a green light says you have full access.

Recent Questions or Difficulties

Problem:  Once I'm in my RefWorks account, I cannot get my curser to enter or edit data in any of the text boxes.

Answer: This problem is caused by a change in MS Internet Explorer version 9 on Windows 7 machines. IE9 no longer recognizes the coding used to enable users to edit rich text fields that provide the ability to format them, e.g. bold, underline, italics.

 To address this, we have been forced to ask users to employ what is known as "compatibility mode" in IE9. The easiest way to do this is to access the Tools menu in IE9, and then select the Compatibility View option so that a checkmark appears next to the entry on its left.

Problem: I forgot my password!

Answer: On the login screen is a link Forgot Your password?,  enter your email address and the password will be sent to you.  If you forgot the email you used to create your account, please contact the CWRU RefWorks administrator.

Problem:   I recently switched to the new Write-n-Cite for Mac users.  I keep getting an error message that says "Low Memory error." What is this?

Answer:  RefWorks support is aware of this problem and is currently working on solution.  It appears to happen more often to RefWorks users who have a large amount of citations in their accounts. Please report errors you receive to