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USSY 250 - Medical Narratives

Created for course taught by Prof. Athena Vrettos in Fall 2017

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Reference Sources

Why Reference Sources?

Reference sources can provide you very quick access to basic information on a given topic and provide you with all of the information you need to get your research paper started.

The most obvious of reference sources that we all think of immediately is Wikipedia.  Wikipedia can provide you very quickly with basic factual information.  However! be aware that the content on Wikipedia is not always correct, and more importantly, is not edited or refereed.  As such, it is unlikely that your professor will be happy to see you using Wikipedia as a source for your research paper.

Fortunately we have many other excellent, scholarly reference sources that are just as easy to get to as Wikipedia, and will give you information that you can actually use in your papers, as well as pointers to other sources.  Using a source like these will get your research going quickly and smoothly.  Below are some examples.

For this class, a well-chosen reference source can be a short cut for your research.  If you need some factual information about the history of x-rays, for example, an entry from a scholarly encyclopedia can provide you with a source you can cite, as well as a bibliography that will point you to more information on the topic.

Some resources of note:

Oxford Reference Online Interested in the history of contraception? The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History has a three or four page entry outlining the history of this topic with basic factual information and a bibliography that will easily lead you to more sources.

Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography For your examination of x-rays, you need some factual information about Madame Curie.  Instead of Wikipedia, try this resource- not only a concise scientific biography of the topic, but an excellent annotated bibliography.

OhioLINK E-Book Center This collection includes reference books as well as regular monographs, and is quite large.  Searching for "lobotomies" for example, turns up the title Mental Health in America: A Reference Handbook, which includes an excellent overview of lobotomies.

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