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Think Forum: Abraham Verghese (2016)

In support of the "Think Forum Lecture Series", the library offers a selection of resources accessible in this "Research Guide".

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Discussion Questions

Suggested Discussion Questions

Selected questions from Q/A with Dr. Abraham Verghese on his personal website:

1. What is it about the practice of medicine today that prompts doctors to rush into ordering tests vs. taking their time to do the bedside diagnosis?

2. What unique perspective does medical training abroad enable foreign physicians to bring to the practice of medicine in the United States?

3. Do you know people with two or more successful careers? How have the careers influenced/helped each other? 

4. Do you or somebody you know hold(s) a personal or emotional relationship to a foreign country? How does this emotional attachment influence you or somebody you know?

5What is the nobility of suffering? How does it vary from culture to culture?

6. Have you thought about the difference between curing and healing?

7. How do you think that reading and writing tangibly improves interpersonal skills?

8. "Imagine the suffering of patients," is this not only the key to being a great doctor, but perhaps a great writer? And maybe a key to being a great human being?

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