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The Digital and Democracy: Digital Scholarship Colloquium 2018: About

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Roger Zender
Associate Director, Creation & Curation Services
Phone: (216) 368-5637

Charlie Harper
Digital Learning and Scholarship Librarian
Phone: (216) 368-4253

About the Conference

Join us for a rousing discussion of democracy and the digital at the fourth Digital Scholarship Colloquium hosted by Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. The Digital and Democracy will interrogate the ways that digital tools work to either uphold or upend democracy, and how research might be used to advocate for positive impact within communities experiencing disruption and inequality. The colloquium is an opportunity to connect people to the scholarly work and digital tools that directly or indirectly affects their lives and civil liberties.

Conference Planning Committees

Eleanor Blackman, Archivist, Scholarly Resources & Special Collections at Kelvin Smith Library, CWRU

Jeanette Brown, CWRU

Ronald Chambers, Library Assistant, Access and Delivery Services, Kelvin Smith Library, CWRU

Charlie Harper, Digital Learning and Scholarship Librarian, Kelvin Smith Library, CWRU

Kristen Kirchgesler, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Lillian & Milford Harris Library, CWRU

Evan Meszaros, Research Services Librarian, Kelvin Smith Library, CWRU

Jennifer Nieves, Archivist, Allen Memorial Library, CWRU

Erin Smith, Library Assistant, Access and Delivery Services, Kelvin Smith Library, CWRU

Stacie Williams, Former Team Lead, Digital Learning and Scholarship, Kelvin Smith Library, CWRU

Roger Zender, Associate Director, Creation & Curation Services, Kelvin Smith Library, CWRU


Additional thanks to Angela Sloan, Gina Midlik, Corina Chang, and Sarah Mendez for their organizational assistance.