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Freedman Center - Post Producing One Button Video Studio Videos

A guide on how to post produce video files created in the One Button Video Studio to avoid out of sync audio and video.

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Freedman Center - Post Producing One Button Video Studio Videos

Post Producing One Button Video Studio Videos

Videos created in the video studio are encoded something called Variable Frame Rate. 
While many video players (such as VLC) play the videos just fine, most video editing programs (and especially the Adobe ones) see the audio and video as out of sync! 
Don't panic - the video is still good! 
You just have to convert it from VFR (Variable Frame Rate) to CFR (Constant Frame Rate) and this is how you do it:
First, download and install Handbrake. It is free and cross platform!
Click Open Source and choose the file that you recorded in the video studio.
Click the Video Tab and look at the settings for Video Codec and FPS


Make sure the Video Codec is H.264 (which it might already be)

Set the Framerate to 29.97 and click CONSTANT Framerate

Under Destination type in a new file name and Browse to where you want the file to go:


Hit Start Encode and wait.

This new file will be ready to edit without any audio or video sync problems!