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Think Forum: Manoush Zomorodi 2019

This is a resource guide for the ThinkForum speaking engagement of Manoush Zomorodi.

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Reminder: Online Access

  • Library resources require going through CWRU Single Sign-On.
  • The best method is to follow links from the library website.
  • When logged in and a browser window is not closed, access should continue from resource to resource.
  • Remember to close your browser when done.

Discussion Questions

1) Have you ever tried limiting your phone use or limiting time on social media? What were your experiences like?

2) Do you think that the constant stimulation that smartphones provide can have a negative impact? Why or why not? Does perpetual access to information and entertainment impair your ability to create your own ideas? 

3) Are there times or places when you have your best ideas? Do you find that "spacing out" while working through routine tasks allows you to make new connections and come up with novel ideas as Zomorodi suggests? 

4) Are you worried about how your information is used online? If so, what steps do you take to protect your digital privacy? What do you wish you knew more about?

4) How do you think our digital culture has affected the way you interact with the world? With other people? Has it affected the way you think?

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