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KSL 2 Min. Tutorial: Connectivity: Home

Basic description of the ways to connect to the Case network so you have access to all the resources the Kelvin Smith Library provides for you.

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VPN Reminder

Library resources are accessed openly by Case wired computers or by using the Case Wireless network. If connecting in any other method, please install, turn on, and log into VPN.

At the bottom of the KSL homepage, a green light says you have full access.


There are a number of different ways to connect to the Case network: CaseGuest, CaseWireless, and eduroam. How you connect will determine if you gain access to all the online resources Kelvin Smith Library provides for you: ejournals, databases and ebooks. The best ways of connecting will not require you pay any fees, subscribe to a resource yourself, or supply a password. Find out how below!

How to Connect to the Case Network

1. When on campus access the network by: 

  • using a library computer.
  • using CaseWireless or eduroam wireless networks.
  • using CaseGuest in conjunction with the software VPN (virtual private network).

2. When off campus access the network by using:

  • your internet service provider in conjunction with VPN (virtual private network).

VPN (Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client) is free software provided by the university and can be downloaded at: ITS VPN Setup Page. 

Connectivity image 1 80%

How do you know if you are connected properly? If you are not, you will get a message asking you to subscribe, give your password or pay for access.

An easy and guaranteed way to tell if you are connected correctly exists in the form of a green light/red light at the bottom of the KSL homepage (

Connectivity image 2

Final Tip!

How you connect to the network will impact your searching on Google. Imagine: it is late one night, a few days before a paper is due. You try a quick search on Google to decide if there is much on your topic. You find a great article and you click on the title, which takes you to a summary of the article, as well as an icon for the full text as a pdf. If you have connected correctly to the network, and Case subscribes to that online journal (which is quite likely), you will be able to download the full text immediately. If you haven't connected correctly, you will not have access to the full text.

Freshmen and women, if you have additional questions about connectivity, ask your Personal Librarian.

Research Services Librarian (RSL)

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Brian Gray
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