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What you should know: This GPS is great for geocaching, collecting locational data while doing field work and capturing geotagged images

Where to buy: Amazon

Complete users manual:  GARMIN OREGON series owner's manual

Using the Garmin Oregon 550t GPS with camera

You will get

  • Garmin Oregon 550t GPS with camera
  • USB connector Cable
  • Case

Getting Started

Turning On/Off Device

Press and hold down Power button on side of GPS for 2-3 seconds to turn device on or off.

Power Button

Acquiring GPS satellite signals

Go outdoors to an open area, away from tall buildings and trees.  Acquiring satellite signals may take a few minutes, especially if you have traveled a great distance from the location where the device was last used.  The bars on the Main page indicate satellite strength.  When the bars are green, the GPS has successfully acquired satellite signals and its location found.

Signal Strength screen shot

Menu Navigation

Touch the arrow buttons located at the bottom left and right corners of the screen to navigation through the home menu icons. You can also navigate by swiping the touch screen in the direction in which you wish to go.


To use the map

Map and Zoom screen shots

1.)    Touch Map. Your current location is indicated by the triangular location marker.

2.)    Touch + or to zoom.

3.)    Touch and drag the screen to pan the map.

4.)    To exit touch the X in the bottom left hand corner.


Using the Compass

To open the Compass page

compass screen shot

1.)    Touch Compass.

2.)    The bearing points to your destination, regardless of the direction you are moving.  If the bearing points towards the top of the compass, you are traveling directly towards your destination.  If it points any other direction, turn toward that direction until the arrow is pointing toward the top of the compass.

To calibrate the Compass

After moving long distances, experiencing temperature changes, or changing the batteries, you may need to calibrate the Compass.

1.)    While outdoors, hold the GPS level and do not stand near objects that influence magnetic fields (ie: cars, buildings, overhead power lines).

2.)    Touch Setup > Heading > Compass Calibration.

3.)    Touch Start and follow the on-screen directions.

Calibrate Compass screen shot



To mark your current location as a waypoint

Mark Waypoint screen shot

1.)    Touch Mark Waypoint.

2.)    Touch Save and Edit.

3.)    Touch an attribute you want to change.

4.)    Touch letters, numbers, or symbols to make the changes.

5.)    Touch the checkmark (except when changing a symbol).  Change other attributes, if necessary.

6.)    Touch the X to discard the changes.

To edit a waypoint

Waypoint Manger screen shot 

1.)    Touch Waypoint Manager.

2.)    Touch the waypoint.

3.)    Touch the attribute you want to change.

4.)    Touch letters, numbers, or symbols to make the changes.

5.)    Touch the checkmark (except when changing a symbol).  Change other attributes, if necessary.

6.)    Touch the X to discard the changes.

To reposition a waypoint to your current location

Waypoint Manger screen shot

1.)    Touch Waypoint Manager.

2.)    Touch the waypoint you want to reposition.

3.)    Touch Reposition Here.


Uging the GPS for navigation

To navigate to a destination using Where To?

Where To? screen shots

Use the Where To? Page to navigate to your saved waypoints, enter coordinates, find points of interest and more.

1.)    Touch Where To?

2.)    Touch a category.

3.)    Touch the item to which you want to navigate.

4.)    Touch Go.  A colored line on the map will indicate your course.

5.)    Touch X > Compass.

6.)    Use the compass to navigate to your destination.

To navigate to a point on the map

1.)    Touch Map.

2.)    Touch the point on the map.

3.)    Touch the information button at the top of the screen.

4.)    Touch Go > X > Compass.

5.)    Use the compass to navigate to your destination.

6.)    To stop navigating, touch Where To? > Stop Navigation.

To create and navigate a new route

Route Planner screen shot 

1.)    Touch Route Planner > Create Route > Select First Point  to select a starting point.

2.)    Touch a category.

3.)    Touch the first item on the route.

4.)    Touch Use > Select Next Point.

5.)    Repeat until the route is complete.

6.)    Touch the arrow to save the route.

7.)    Touch X > Where To? > Routes to navigate the route.

To record your tracks

Tracks screen shots

1.)    Touch Setup > Tracks > Track Log.

2.)    Touch Do Not Record; Record, Do Not Show; or Record, Show On Map.

If you select Record, Show On Map, a line on the Map page indicates your track.

To clear your current track touch Setup > Reset > Clear Current Track > Yes.


Using the built in camera

To take a photo

Camera screen shot

1.)    Touch Camera.

2.)    To focus image, hold Camera icon button.

3.)    To capture photo, release Camera icon button.

4.)    To cancel photo, slide off Camera icon button.

To review captured photos

Photo Viewer screen shot

1.)    Touch Photo Viewer.

2.)    Select image to view.

3.)    Touch the trash can icon to delete.

4.)    Touch + or to zoom.

5.)    Touch the arrow to return to all captured photos.


To connect the GPS to your computer to download/upload waypoint files or photos.

USB Cord and Port

1.)    Lift the weather cap on the bottom of the GPS. 

2.)    Insert the smaller connector on the USB cable into the mini USB connector.

3.)    Connect the other end of the cable to a USB port on your computer.

4.) Under My Computer select Garmin Oregon.

5.) Then select DCIM and navigate folders to find pictures and select photo(s) you wish to copy over to your external (or internal) storage device.