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Materials are on a first come, first served basis only and are subject to availability.  Holds cannot be placed on equipment.  Different loan periods may apply for other items. When you check items out, your library account will indicate the due date for each item.  

Length of check-out: 2 nights. No renewals.

Returns: Equipment must be returned directly to Service Center staff persons for processing.   Borrowing is not available for this item again until the following business day.

What you should know: Digital voice recorder with USB direct link to computer and is voice acitvated with a built-in stereo mic.

Where to buy: B&H

Complete users manual: Olympus 

Using the Olympus Voice Recorder

You will get:

  • Olympus Voice Recorder
  • Case
  • 1 AAA Battery

Getting Started

1.) Turn on the Olympus Digital Voice Recorder by moving the "HOLD" button.

2.) To begin recording, simply press the button with the red circle marked “REC.”

3.) While recording, you can press the “REC” button again to pause the recording. Press the button marked “STOP” in order to stop the recording. 

4.) Using the “LIST” button, you can change the folder that is open, from A through E if you wish to keep your recordings separate. The indicator for which folder is open is at the top of the screen. 

5.) Within a folder, use the double arrow buttons and the + and - buttons to cycle through your recordings. Each recording is assigned a number based on the order in which it was recorded. 

6.) Press the button marked “OKAY” to play back a recording. While a recording is playing, you can use the double arrow buttons to fast forward and rewind within the recording, or press the button marked “STOP” in order to stop playback. The buttons with the + and - sign control the volume.

7.) To erase a recording, use the "LIST” button access the folders and + and - button to cycle through the folders and the double arrow buttons to cycle through the recordings within that folder. Once you have found the recording you want to delete press the “INDEX/ ERASE” button once and then the + button to go to the "File Erase" and press the "OK" button. Next, press the + button again to select  "Start" and press the "OK" button.

Extracting Audio Files from an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

1.) Open the "My Documents" folder and create a new folder titled with your Case ID (Ex:xyz12).

2.) Push the button labeled "USB" to the right to reveal the USB device. 

3.) Plug the USB connector into the PC's USB port. 

4.) When a dialog box appears giving you multiple options on how to interact with the removable disk, choose the option "Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer" and click "OK." 

5.) Locate your WMA file using the Windows Explorer Window that was just opened. (The file is most likely located in the DSS_FLDB folder, but may also be located in a different folder). 

6.) Drag and drop your files from the Removable Disk into your newly created My Documents folder. 



Deleting Files from Olympus Recorder

You may wish to perform this process before returning Olympus Recorder. Re-formating the device is the best way to ensure all your audio files have been deleted off of the device's memory.

1.)Locate the Removable Disk drive that is the Olympus Recorder (note: letter of drive may differ computer-to-computer). Next, right-click on the Removable Disk and select Format.

2.) Click Start

3.) A warning box will pop up on screen regarding the formatting process.

Remember: Formatting the device will erase ALL media files. Be absolutely sure you want to proceed.

4.) Click Ok once formatting is complete.

5.) Eject recorder from Computer and press "OK"

6.) Press the + button and then "OK"