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Materials are on a first come, first served basis only and are subject to availability.  Holds cannot be placed on equipment.  Different loan periods may apply for other items. When you check items out, your library account will indicate the due date for each item.  

Length of check-out: 2 nights. No renewals.

Returns: Equipment must be returned directly to Service Center staff persons for processing.   Borrowing is not available for this item again until the following business day.

What you should know: This device makes sure that the colors on your monitor or lap match the colors of your picture. Essential if you are doing any form of color correction.

Where to buy: B and H

Complete users manual: User's Manual

Color Monitor Calibrator

When you checkout the color monitor calibrating unit from the Service desk, it will contain 3 items in a bag. 

1. Instruction manual 

2. A disk containing the installation software

3. The calibrating unit itself. 

To begin, you must first install the needed software onto your computer. 

Do not attach the calibrating device before installing the software. The software must be fully downloaded and the computer restarted before you can use the device in your computer. 

Installing the software

Before you can use the color monitor calibrator, you must first install the necessary software found on the CD labeled "Monitor calibration unit"

1. Remove the CD from the plastic case

2. Insert the CD into your computer's CD/DVD drive

3. Navigate to your "Computer"

     -To do this, click on the "Start" button in the bottom left hand corner of your screen, then select "Computer"

4. Select the CD/DVD drive

5. Open the folder named "Installer" 

6. Open the file named "Setup.exe" 

6. Wait a couple seconds and a pop-up box will open prompting you to choose a language. Select one, then click "Okay"

7. Wait a few more seconds, then a larger window will open. This is the Set-up wizard that will walk you through the installation process. Click "Next" to begin. 

8. The next screen will prompt you to choose a place to save these program files. Select a folder destination then click "Next"

9. Continue clicking through the wizard. When completed, a new window will open. This is the Pantone color manager set-up wizard. Click "Next" to begin 

10. Follow the instructions and click "Next" to navigate through the Pantone color manager setup wizard.

11. When it is completed, a new window will open. This is the X-rite devices services manager set-up. Click "Next" to begin

12. When this installer is finished, it will close and a new window will open asking you to restart your computer. The computer must restart before the unit can be used. Close all open programs and select "Yes, restart the computer now"

13. The computer will turn off then restart. 

14. The programs are now installed!

From here you can use the calibrating unit to calibrate the display for your computer monitor or projector. Both guides are included below. 

Display profiling

Now that the computer has been restarted, you can attach plug the usb end of the i1 display unit into a usb port on your computer. 

1. Plug the usb to your computer

2. Now on your desktop, there is a short-cut to the i1 profiler. Launch this application


3. Now you'll be at a screen with multiple options. To calibrate your computer monitor, select "Display profiling"

4. The screen will now have default display setting options. Depending on what your goal is, you may check/uncheck different options. Click next to continue. 

5. The next screen will be the "measure color patches" screen. Before clicking anything, you will set up the unit on your monitor.

6. Take the unit, keeping it plugged in, and rotate the top black arm to the bottom. 

7. Now we'll hang the calibrating unit on the monitor. To do this, first adjust the counter weight by pushing down on the side with a little ridge in it and slide it to the desired length. 

8. Hang the unit on the computer monitor. The unit should be lens-side towards the monitor and drape the counterweight and extra cord over the back of the monitor. 

9. Now on the program, select "Start measurement"

10. The program will begin. Click next in the prompt box in the top left corner of the screen. 

11. First it will ask you to set the contrast of you monitor. To do this, find the buttons on the side of your monitor, press any button to bring up the menu, select any button. Then select button 2 (labeled Brightness/Contrast), and then button 3 (the right arrow) to change the contrast. Now press the up and down arrows (buttons 1 and 2 respectively) following the programs instructions. When a green arrow is shown, click next. 

12. It will have you do the same process as the contrast but now with brightness. To do this, find the buttons on the side of your monitor, press any button to bring up the menu, select any button. Then select button 2 (labeled Brightness/Contrast). Now press the up and down arrows (buttons 1 and 2 respectively) following the programs instructions. When a green arrow is shown, click next.  

13. The program will now take a couple minutes and flash different colors on the screen. 

14. When it is completed, it will bring you to a screen where you can save the color profile it created. Select "create and save profile". 

15. You have succesfully created a color profile for your monitor!

Projector Profiling

1. To calibrate the colors of your projector, open up the i1 software and select Projector Profiling. 

2. At this point, your projector should be connected to your computer and turned on with the i1 program on the screen. This page will ask you to select which device you are trying to calibrate. Select your projector then click next. 

3. Now you have to set up the calibrating unit so that it is facing the projected image. To open it, move the black arm on top backwards and slide it under the unit. 

Now place the unit in front of the projected image and tilt the unit so the lens is directly facing the projected image. 

4. Press "Start measurement"

5. The program will instruct you to move the unit right, left, up, or down. Follow the instructions and once the unit is properly placed the program will start flashing colors on the screen. This will continue for about 2 minutes. 

6. Once it is done, you'll be on a page where you can create a color profile based on the data the unit collected and save it. Save it in your desired folder location.