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KSL 2 Min. Tutorial: eJournals: Home

Quick introduction to using the eJournal portal, your definitive guide to which ejournals are available to you.

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VPN Reminder

Library resources are accessed openly by Case wired computers or by using the Case Wireless network. If connecting in any other method, please install, turn on, and log into VPN.

At the bottom of the KSL homepage, a green light says you have full access.


The libraries of CWRU provide the university community with access to thousands of online journal articles. Kelvin Smith Library keeps track of which online journals are accessible to you, as well as which years or volumes are available for a given journal, by means of the eJournal Portal. This tutorial shows you how to find out if you have online access to a journal or journal article, using the KSL eJournal Portal.

Basic Searching Technique

 Step 1: You have a need. You are reading the required text for your class and you find the following reference to a journal article:

Karban, R., Black, C.A. and Weinbaum S.A. (2000). How 17-year cicadas keep track of time. Ecology Letters, 3, 253-256.

This article might be useful for your paper topic. Is Ecology Letters an online journal to which you have access?

Step 2: Go to the Kelvin Smith Library homepage ( and click on the eJournal link in the upper right-hand corner of the web page.

eJournal Portal image 1


Step 3: Search on the title of the journal:

eJournal Portal image 2

Step 4: You will often gets several listings for a journal. We buy access to online journals by buying access to bundles of journals or to large collections which contain many journals. Any of the links will meet your need as long as it covers the year or volume you need, which in this case is 2000 or vol. 3.

eJournal Portal image 3 


 Step 5: Navigate the chain of links to access your article (this may take longer and be more complicated than you think):

eJournal Portal image 4

eJournal Portal image 5

Final Tip!

If you find a listing for your article, but when you try to access it you are asked for a password or payment, you may not be connected to the network correctly. See the KSL 2 Min. Tutorial: Connectivity.

Freshmen and women, if you have additional questions about OhioLINK, ask your Personal Librarian.


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