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File Conversion

This guide will show you how to change the format of various file types.

Getting iTunes Set Up to convert MP3

  • Open Audio folder, then open iTunes.

  • Verify the MP3 settings are correct: Click on the little box highlighted in red in the picture below, and choose Preferences. This box is located in the top left corner. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut by holding Ctrl and at the same time (Ctrl+,).

  • Under the General tab, click the Import Settings button.
  • Be sure to select MP3 Encoder and Higher Quality (192kpbs) as illustrated below.

  • Click OK to exit Import Settings and the General Preferences window to exit windows.

Adding File to iTunes Library

  • To add your .wav file to the iTunes library, click the top left corner button > Add File to Library.

  • If you're not seeing a list of your audio files on screen, then you can change that by going to View, clicking Show View Options, and then selecting Name.


Editing Heading Bar

  • Add the Kind and Date Added columns to the Music Library window by right clicking on the table heading, select Date Added. Then right click on the table heading again to select Kind.

  • Click the Date Added column once to sort the files. Your file(s) will now appear at the top of the list.

Adding Info and Creating an MP3

  • Right click the title of each track and select Get Info from the drop-down menu.


  • In the resulting dialog box under the Info tab, fill in the name, artist, album, genre, and other descriptive categories if desired.

  • Select each track again and then select File > Convert > Create MP3 Version. This will convert the .wav(e) file into an .mp3.


Creating a Playlist

  • When all desired MP3 files have been created in the Library, right click on the sidebar below all current existing playlists. Then select New Playlist to create a new Playlist.
    • The new Playlist icon will appear at the bottom of the folders column on the left side of the iTunes dialog box.
    • Give the new Playlist a distinctive name.

  • Drag all desired MP3 files from the Library into the new Playlist. 

  • The song will then be available in that playlist:


Saving Your Playlist

  • Connect an external memory device or MP3 player to the computer using the USB ports on the left side of the workstation monitor.
  • Transfer MP3 files to the device.

If you wish to create a CD of MP3 files (such a disk will not play in CD players), follow the directions for burning a data CD in the ‘Data Disk Creation’ and Burning, Audio CD’ tutorials.