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File Sharing

How to share your files on CD and DVD. Also includes guides on cloud options such as Google and YouTube.

File Sharing

Welcome to the landing page for File Sharing. From here, you can access tutorials on burning CDs and DVDs, as well as guides on how to use Google docs and upload videos via YouTube.

Choosing the Appropriate Guide

So which guide do you need? - Lets find out!

If you are looking to simply burn a CD to be used in CD players, go to the Burning an Audio CD Guide

If you want to burn a CD that can be played in DVD players as well, use the guide just for that!

If you want to burn a CD or DVD that holds data, use the guide titled Burning, Data CDs or DVDs.

If you are looking to duplicate a CD or DVD, follow the guide with that exact name!

Need help sharing something using google docs? Check our our guide on that!

Videos you want to put on youtube got you smiling? Use our guide to figure out how to share them!

If you would like to composite various media pieces into a DVD, use the DVD authoring guide to build your own DVD.

As always, if you need any assistance, feel free to ask a Freedman Center Student Assistant for help anytime!