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KSL Paper Airplanes Competition: Home

Engineers Week activity organized by the School of Engineering, Case Western Reserve University and sponsored by Kelvin Smith Library

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Paper Airplane Competition

This competition is part of the Engineers Week activities organized by School of Engineering, Case Western Reserve University. It is organized in collaboration by Case Engineering Council and the Kelvin Smith Library.

Information on the 2018 KSL Paper Airplane Competition

2018 KSL Paper Airplane Competition

Date: Monday, February 19th

Location: Adelbert Gym

Time: 12:30-3:30pm

Prizes:  $50 gift card for the first place in each of 3 events


Distance: Xinyao Tang, with a throw of 27.974 meters

Airtime: Michael Neuhoff, with a flight time of 7.20 seconds

Accuracy: Nana Yorke, landed a plane at 0.262m from the aiming point

2017 Paper Airplane Competition Highlights