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Microsoft Surface Hub

Video Demonstration

Accessing the Whiteboard

  • To access the whiteboard, remove a stylus from either side of the screen or click on the whiteboard symbol as seen below

  • To change the color you are writing in, touch the stylus to your preferred color (black, green, red, blue, yellow)

  • To erase, turn the stylus around as you would a pencil and use the flat end or click on the erase symbol

  • To resize, move, cut or copy a portion of the image, click the lasso button (looks like a loop with a plus sign) and select the area you want to change.​
    • To resize the selected portion, click and drag the corner of the image
    • To move the image select the move button (a circle with a plus inside) and relocate the image
    • To cut or copy image press and hold the area

  • To undo the last action, click the undo button 
  • When the hand button is unselected you can draw with your finger

  • When the hand button is selected you can click and drag the whole image with your finger

  • To erase everything on the board, click the trash button
  • To scroll, swipe the screen to the left or right
  • If you would like to send yourself or someone else an image with the contents of the whiteboard, click the envelop toggle
    • When you are indicating which email you would like to send to, the default option may be a window where you must hand-write the address, but because the text recognition software may not get it right, it is recommended you use the keyboard to type in the email address

  • It will not send to email addresses, so please send to an address or an outside address such as or email
  • You will receive the whiteboard image as a .png and as a .one from an address that looks like this:
  • To end a session, click on 'I’m done' at the lower-right corner as seen below
  • Remember, when you end the session, all of your work will be erased unless you have sent it to yourself



Splitting the Whiteboard with another App

Split screen the Whiteboard with other Microsoft apps

  • To access the whiteboard, remove a stylus from either side of the screen or click on the Whiteboard symbol
  • To open second app press the start button (Windows logo) located at the bottom of the screen, as shown in the image below


  • To change the size of the window display  press and drag the vertical black bar toward either side
  • To make either side full screen, press the Maximize button (2 diagonal arrows pointing outwards) in the top right corner
  • Once in full screen, to return to split screen swipe up from the bottom of the screen and select Exit Full Screen or swipe down from the top right corner and press the Minimize button (2 diagonal arrows pointing inwards) button

Splitting the whiteboard with a connected computer

  • To access the whiteboard, remove a stylus from either side of the screen or click on the Whiteboard symbol
  • To open the computer input press the start button (windows key) located at the bottom of the screen
  • On the pop up window press Connect.

  • On the window that pops up, press the image of the attached computer’s desktop 

Taking Screenshots of Other Apps and Putting them in the Whiteboard

  • First, look at the application you wish you screenshot. In the upper right hand corner of that screen you should see a pen writing. Click that button.

  • Then a picture of this will appear in the Whiteboard. There, you will be prompted to select the area that you wish to use. Use the pen to select the area.

  • Now the location will be in the Whiteboard, and you can draw on it like normal.

Emailing content from the hub

  • When you have finished using the hub, one option to save your work is to email it to yourself. 
  • Click the email icon in the bottom, lower right hand corner of the screen.











  • Click "email", and then tap the "+" icon.
  • In the box that appears, you can either enter your case email address or an outside email address (Google, Yahoo!, etc.)
    • Your case email address should be in the following format :
    •  The Hub will not send emails to
  • Click "send".
  • The email may take up to fifteen minutes to arrive.
  • The email will contain two attachments:
    • a PNG file of your work
    • a .one file, which is the standard format of the Hub.
  • The PNG file is what you can open and use on your computer.


  • You can also save the file to you OneDrive by signing into your Microsoft account.
  • Click the same email icon as before, but choose to save to OneDrive instead of emailing the file.
  • The Hub will prompt you to sign in.
  • Once signed in, simply pick which folder you'd like your file saved in and click done to have it saved.