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Screencapture & Tutorial Creation

Learn how to make video tutorials.

Screencapture & tutorial creation

Welcome to the landing page for Screencapture & Tutorial Creation. From here, you'll be able to access guides that show you how to use programs such as Camtasia & ScreenToGif in order to create your own media, like what you see below:

Selecting the Right Guide

So which guide do you need? - Lets find out!

If you want to simply create a soundless video file that is short, go to the GIF Creation guide

If you want to create a video that captures your screen and your voice as you talk, choose the Screencapture with voiceover guide.

If you want to create a voiceover as you present a powerpoint file, choose the Powerpoint with voiceover guide.

And finally, if you would like to create a powerpoint that runs itself, choose the relevant guide for that!

As always, if you need any assistance, feel free to ask a Freedman Center Student Assistant for help anytime!