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Video Capture

Before We Get Started

What is Direct Data Extraction from a non-commercial DVD?

DVDs that play in DVD Players have a coded file that cannot simply be opened for editing. It must be extracted and changed to a file type usable by editing software. Only non-commercial DVDs can have data extracted.

Make sure you are extracting data from a non-commercial DVD: it should be blueish-purple on the bottom. Extracting anything more than very short clips from a commercial DVD is illegal as they are protected by copyright laws.


NOTE: if you are making an exact duplicate of a non-commercial DVD, with no changes at all, see the Duplicating a Non-commercial DVD guide.

  • Open the disc drive on the computer tower and insert the disc with the video file.
  • Make a new folder on the D: Drive Storage and name it with your Case ID (ex: ajm35). This is where you will save all your files.

Setting Up and Opening Your file

  • Open the AV folder on the desktop.
  • Open TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 6.

  • Click on Start New Project button on the right side of the screen.

  • This opens a new window. Choose From  a DVD, BD, AVCHD, HDD campcorder, memory card reader, etc.

  • Be sure that Drive E is selected and click Next.




  • After a moment or two, another window will appear. This will list all clips on the DVD, there will be at least one clip, but there may be many. Check the box next to the clip/s that you wish to copy, and uncheck any clips that you do not want. 
  •  Click on the "Browse" button, and then scroll through the list of files to locate your folder. Click on your folder and click "FINISH." 

  • This will bring up a progress screen. It should take less time to copy the video file to your folder than capturing would take. But the longer the video, the longer ripping will take.
  • After the progress bar finishes at 100%, the clips will be ripped. Simple editing could be done in the following window.
  • The file itself will probably rip as a .dvddata file located in your folder. You can further encode and convert this using the Video Editing/Transcoding Guides.