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Video Capture

Viewing Stations

  • There are 4 Viewing Stations in the Freedman Center for watching various media formats, ask a Freedman Center Student Assistant for help getting started!

Before We Get Started

  • Check out a pair of analog headphones and an audio jack adapter from the Service Center Desk and take a seat at one of the individual viewing stations with a VCR player beside the monitor.

  • Insert the analog headset into the audio jack adapter.

  • NOTE: You are now able to use the headphones without the adapter at the viewing stations. 


  • Insert the adapter and headphones into the audio jack port that is next to the monitor. The the slider indicated in the red box controls the volume of the corresponding audio port. In this case, it one indicated in the red box corresponds to the two audio ports indicated by red arrows.

Setting Up the Station

  • Turn on the monitor by pressing the POWER button on the Roku Stick.

  • The screen will open to ROKU Home, where you can select VCR.

  • Turn on the Player using the Power button on the far left next to the VHS insert.

  • Be sure the Source is set to DVD.

  • Insert DVD into the player and press play.