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Video Conferencing

Getting started with Google Hangouts

  • Google hangouts is a versatile conferencing program comparable to skype in many ways. In this guide, You'll see how to start a hangout, and how to share your screen in a hangout

Navigating to Google Hangouts

  • First off, navigate to the google homepage: and login using your google account (login through case if using campus id). You will not be able to start a hangout without doing so!
  • Next, navigate to the top right hand side of your page and click on the grid. A small window should pop up below. Then move your mouse to the bottom of this window and hit more. Finally, click on the hangouts app

Hangout video calls

  • Click on the button that looks like a video camera and is labeled video call if you wish to make a video call

  • Once on the video call screen, you will be prompted to name your hangout. You will be asked if you wish to start a new meeting or join a meeting using a PIN. 

How to start a new meeting:

  • The next screen will pop up, from there click the "Start Meeting" button.

  • From there, the video call will begin with only one person in the call. Follow the next .gif to Add people to the call.

When "Copy joining Info" is clicked, the information is added to your clipboard as text. You can paste this information by right clicking and selecting "Paste" or using the short key Ctrl+V.

  • The receiver should be able to click the link directly to join the meeting, or use their phone to call in using the provided phone number and PIN. 

When clicking "Add people" the same information will be directly sent to the person through email or directly call the added user (NOTE: the phone number the user will receive the call from will be a New York phone number).

Once all people have joined, You can begin your call!

Adding people to the call

To easily add someone after the call has started, click the arrow in the upper right corner and click "Add people".

When clicking "Add people" the same information will be directly sent to the person through email or directly call the added user.

(NOTE: the phone number the user will receive the call from will be a New York phone number)

Join a Hangout call

If you need to join a video call, you can be invited in many ways.

1. If you receive information about the call:

This is what the information may look like the following

  1. If you click the provided link, you will automatically be added to the call.
  2. If you join the call though "Use a meeting code", it will be a 10 digit pin at the end of the link.
  3. If you wish to call in using a phone, use the 10 digit phone number provided. You will be prompted for a pin that will be located at "4". This is a 9 digit PIN.

2. If you receive an email:

Using the "Join" button:

Otherwise, the link, phone number, and PIN are used exactly the same as stated in "If you receive information about the call"

3. If you receive a call:

The number that will call is located in New York. Once the call is picked up, they will automatically be added.

NOTE: People who are added through call will be unable to see anything shared on the screen.

Changing settings in the call


The button on the left turns on and off the microphone. The middle button ends the call. The right button turns on and off the webcam.

To adjust the settings, first click on the three dots in the lower right hand corner. Then click Settings on the menu that appears.



Here you can edit which audio or video capturing device you want to use when using Hangouts.

When you click the "quality" icon the following appears:

Here you can edit the quality of the video you are sending and recieving.

Hangout messaging

  • Click the button that looks like a text box and is labeled message

  • Then navigate to the top left and, if you only want to message one person, then type in their email in the box containing the magnifying glass. If you wish to make a group, then navigate to the button below that says New group and click it. You can now name your group and add people to the group message


You are also able to message within Hangout calls.

Sharing Your Screen (only video calls)

  • To start screensharing, first click on the present now button on the right corner of your screen. Then proceed to choose which screen to share. To stop sharing screens, click the stop presenting button.