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Video Conferencing

Getting Started

  • Borrow a pair of headphones with a microphone at the KSL service desk. Ask the Student Assistant on duty to unlock one of the Freedman Center computers for you. Plug the digital headset’s cord into a USB port.

Setting Up Skype

If it’s your first time using Skype:

  • Open the Skype software located in the COMMS Folder on the desktop.

  • There are many options for logging in and creating an account: Skype, Outlook, XBOX, and Facebook are a few of the most common login options. 
  • If you choose to create a new account, follow the steps, then click ‘Sign in.’
    • *Note: Choose a username (called a “Skype Name”) and password that you're able to remember so that you can sign in again next time. You will need a valid email address.

If you’ve already set up a Skype account:

  • Open the Skype software located in the Instant COMMS Folder on the desktop.

  • Type in your username and password under ‘Skype Name’ and ‘Password’ respectively, then click ‘Sign in.’

Setting Up Sound

  • To set up your headphones, right click on the audio button in the bottom right hand corner. Select "Playback devices". In the Playback devices menu, select "Speakers" with the Audio USB. Select "Set Default" and "OK".

Testing Your Microphone and Speakers

  • Test that your microphone and speakers are working by using the "Echo Test Call" in your contacts list. The audio and microphone will be played through the devices that are chosen during setup. If you cannot hear the instructions or it does not playback what you recorded, go to Tools > Options > Audio Settings
  • Make sure the USB audio device is chosen for both your mic and speakers.

If something is wrong with your audio, navigate to audio settings to attempt to correct it.

Then, edit the necessary options.

Finding Someone on Skype

  • Click on the icon in the left bar labeled Contacts. Then, click the button labeled +Contact. A box while appear where you can search for the person you're trying to find using their Skype User Name, email address, phone number, or their full name.


  • Once they have accepted your invitation, you’ll be able to see if they are online. (There is no charge to contact anyone if there is any one of these icons next to their Skype Name:  )
    • Green = online
    • Yellow = away
    • Red = busy

Calling Someone

  • You should have 2 options for calling someone: "voice call" or "video call." If you do not see the video call option, make sure you have a webcam. If you have one it should be automatically found through the program.​ If you are you are using a Freedman Center computer with a webcam, and it is not working, ask for help from one of the assistants. 

Sharing your Screen

To share your screen in a Skype call, click on the (+) icon and select Share screens:

  • To hang up, click the red ‘End’ call button.