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Freedman Center Premium Services - Pricing


Premium Services 

Premium Services are arranged by appointment only. Initial contact can be made via phone or email, email is preferred. Cost and timing of each job is based on a quote. Patrons are encouraged to assemble their jobs as complete as possible - better to submit 1 job of 6 items, than 2 jobs of 3.


With media we discourage pre-viewing. We like to imagine that the next time the item runs is the last time the item runs.


We will not digitize material that is commercial, even in excerpts.  Exceptions can be made ONLY if we have permission in writing from the copyright holder.  We can help with these inquiries, but as this is a service, we will not process any materials with a “fair use” exemption.


Vintage equipment is often being repaired. We never know which item might be “in the shop” and if something goes down we will try and alert you as soon as possible.

All Premium Services carry a $10.00 minimum. All services require a formal quote. Materials are only dropped off by appointment at which point we will need time to review your materials before a final cost and time to completion can be determined.  Please allow 1-2 business days for the quote. 

Exact pricing is available through consultation only - generally the rates are based on the following:

Source Material


Output File

Large Format Scanning

36x56” max size - must be able to be placed under glass.



Audio, Micro-Cassette

$10.00 per side

.wav (44khz 16bit stereo)


$25.00 per tape

SD .mp4 

8mm, High 8mm, Digital 8mm video tape, Betamax, U-matic, 

$35.00 per tape

SD .mp4 

35mm Slides (non-glass mounted) 

$1.00 per slide


Strip Negatives (Black/White or Color, 4-7 pictures per strip)

$5.00 per strip


APS film cartridges

$20.00 per roll if it loads


Open reel audio (often referred to as reel to reel)

$20.00 per side (+$2 per splice or leader if required)

.wav (44khz 16bit stereo)


$15.00 per side

.wav (44khz 16bit stereo)

Wire Recording

$25.00 per spool (+$2 per splice if required)

.wav (44khz 16bit stereo)

16mm & 16mm with sound film

$25.00 per reel (+$2 per splice or leader if required)

HD .mp4 

8mm & Super 8mm film (excluding sound 8)

$15.00 per small reel, $50 per large reel (+$2 per splice or leader if required) (Note: Large reels are composed of many smaller reels and might require many splices)

HD .mp4 

Once digitized, files will be uploaded to Google Drive for transfer.  Patrons can also drop off a NEW and unused external hard. Generally we only deliver processed files. Source/unprocessed files can be arranged as well for an additional fee.

Revised 07/2020