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KSL Game Night

A guide for Gaming@KSL: A listing of our offerings with links to instructions and other helpful resources.

Calling all gamers!!!

KSL Game Night is here to engage students, faculty and the CWRU Community in the library space.  This program will teach attendees new ways to collaborate as well as learn about the library space and what is offered.  Bring your friends!  Make new ones!  Play old favorites or learn new and exciting games! Join us for a stress-free evening of food, fun, and games!

November 2020 Game Night-Triva Time!!

The Kelvin Smith Library is bringing back Trivia Night!

Trivia Night will be a bit different this year: teams of 1, using the You Don't Know Jack platform from JackBox Games, all from the safety of your own room!  We will be playing several rounds, and for each round first place winners will walk away with a $25 Visa Gift Card and second place winners will earn a $10 Amazon Gift Card! 

Come and join us for this special edition of our Virtual Game Night! 

Don't forget to RSVP on our KSL Events page!



July 2020 Update

Hello everyone!

Just a couple of summer updates for you!  We've recently added two new online gaming resources: Roll20 and  Roll20 is an online virtual tabletop for pen and paper RPGs and board games. is another virtual tabletop site where you can play old classics  like 500, Backgammon, Cribbage, Crazy Eights, Euchre and more!  Be sure to check out the Online Board Gaming section in our Resources section for links to these sites.

Still need some new ideas? Fellow Australian board gamer Evan Leed created this handy infographic for online board gaming:

(Click to enlarge image)

Have fun gaming from a safe distance!

April 2020: Game Night vs. COVID-19

Missing KSL Game Night and hanging out with your friends you met here at CWRU?  Thanks to modern technology, there are several ways you can get together and play board games with your friends while practicing social distancing! 

Board Game Arena and Tabletopia are websites that have adapted board games for online play.  Encourage your friends to sign up for free accounts and then invite them to play a game! 

A sample of some of the games that are available to play for free from Board Game Arena:

  • Stone Age
  • Hanabi
  • Tokaido
  • Not Alone
  • Coloretto
  • Tzolk'in
  • Takenoko
  • Saboteur
  • Through the Ages
  • Dice Forge


Interested in Tabletopia?  Check out this video to learn about the best 10 games you can play for free! 

If you would like to add a little face time to your remote board gaming, have everyone meet up through Google Chats or Discord while you're playing your game! 


Up for a bigger challenge?  Check out this video from the Dice Tower with their top 10 games that can be played remotely- with at least one player who has the game on a physical table with a camera set up to focus on the game.  Note: In some instances all players will need a copy of the game.

According to Tom and Zee, the best types of games to play in this manner are RPGs, cooperative games with perfect information (no information is hidden from the other players), roll and write games, abstract strategy games, and some party games. 


In the mood for a solo game?  See below for some great games that can be played in solo-mode!

Need more ideas?  Check out these articles with remote gaming suggestions!

The 22 Best Online Games to Play With Friends During the Coronavirus Outbreak from Parade Magazine.

A Big List of Board Games on Steam from user Andy S. on BoardGameGeek

In the mood for a party game?  Give Jackbox Games a try!

We've added an Online Board Game Sites section to our Resources tab-be sure to check it out for more online board gaming options. 

Due to the spread of COVID-19, many non-essential businesses have had to close their doors-including local game stores.  To learn about how you can help yours, check out Helping our Local Game Stores during the COVID-19 epidemic on BoardGameGeek

BoardGameGeek has also created the Distance Gaming Guidea comprehensive guide to games you can play with your friends and family from the safety of your own home! 

Have fun, stay healthy, and we hope to see you in the fall! 

Highlighting Philip E. Orbanes

"As a longtime judge of Monopoly championships, I've figured out a prime reason for the game's staying power. For most of us, it provides one of life's first opportunities to handle money and practice the art of negotiation. Monopoly puts you through a financial wringer without real-world loss. Once you get the hang of how to win it, you can apply the game's "secrets of success" to real life—sometimes quite literally, always in principle."

Philip E. Orbanes is an American board game designer, author, founding partner and former president of Winning Moves Games in Danvers, Massachusetts. Orbanes is a graduate (CIT'70) of the Case Institute of Technology (now Case Western Reserve University). He was a Senior Vice President for Research and Development at Parker Brothers until the 1990s. Orbanes has also served as Chief Judge at U.S. National and World Monopoly tournaments. Orbanes has written three books about the board game Monopoly (his book The Monopoly Companion has been printed in three distinct editions). His Monopoly: The World’s Most Famous Game and How It Got That Way is consider the definitive reference book.[1] He also wrote a book about the history of Parker Brothers from the 1880s to the start of the 21st century. His book about the card game Rook, however, is only found packaged along with the game's cards, published by Winning Moves Games. Orbanes also authored articles for The Games Journal on acquiring the rights to out of print games, and the card game, Canasta.  [Source: WikipediA]

Mr. Orbanes was the Kelvin Smith Library's Homecoming event speaker in October 2016.  In discussions that the library would be starting game nights, Mr. Orbanes so generously provided board games and other games that were used as start-up for our initial board game nights!

Since 2017, game nights have been held four times each semester and the April game night has included over 40 or more CWRU perspective students.