The CWRU Libraries have implemented OpenAthens as a new authentication method for library resources.
Access to most library resources will now be routed through CWRU Single Sign-On (SSO). VPN is still required for remote access to some library resources.
Visit the CWRU Libraries Search & Authentication Research Guide for more information.
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Research Data Management

RDM Resources at Case Western Reserve University

Other Contacts at CWRU

  • Tracy Wilson-Holden
    Director, Research Integrity, Education, and Outreach
    Office of Research and Technology Management
  • Kimberly Volarcik
    Executive Director, Research Compliance
    Office of Research and Technology Management
  • Tom Siu
    Chief Information Security Officer
    University Technology, [U]Tech

Data Management Plan Policies by Federal Funding Agency

Why are you being asked to include a data management plan (DMP) in your grant application? For grants awarded by US governmental agencies, two federal memos from the US Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), issued in 2013 and 2015, respectively, have prompted this requirement. These memos mandate public access to federally- (and, thus, taxpayer-) funded research results, reflecting a commitment by the government to greater accountability and transparency. While "results" generally refers to the publications and reports produced from a research project, it is increasingly used to refer to the resulting data as well.

Federal research-funding agencies have responded to the OSTP memos by issuing their own guidelines and requirements for grant applicants (see below), specifying whether and how research data in particular are to be managed in order to be publicly and properly accessible.