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Action Camera

What is in the equipment kit and how to borrow.

The Kit

Located in the Tech Table, the Action Camera Kit can be checked out at the Service Center.

This kit does not require a tech appointment for check out. 

As the name suggests, the Action Camera is designed with action shots or filming in mind. Whether that be on land, in water, while flying (or falling) in the air. There are limits to these abilities as the camera is not indestructible or waterproof beyond a certain depth, and should be treated as such.

Alternatives: From our collection of cameras, not another really compares with the durability and versatility of the GoPro. For general filming & photography, both the Video Camera and Still Camera will do. The 360 degree camera is meant for wide or panoramic shots. Thermal Imaging Camera only works with thermal applications in mind. The alternative options are really dependent upon your photography/filming needs. 

Complete Users Manuals: GoPro Product Manuals,  GoPro Hero 8 Manual.

GoPro Cellphone Software: GoPro Quik.

Lending Policies

Available for checkout to CWRU students, faculty, and staff, and CIM students and faculty at the Service Center. CIA, CIM staff, Public, Visiting patrons or Alumni are not permitted to check out loanable equipment kits. 

5 day lending period.

NO due dates on weekends & NO due dates when the Library is officially closed. 

→ Be aware of Semester breaks! While classes may be on break, the library may not!

NO renewals on equipment.

NO holds on equipment.

NO doubling up on the same equipment (ex: 2 still cameras).

→ HOWEVER, checking out different equipment is encouraged (ex: 1 video camera, 1 still camera).

NO “Can I return this and check it right back out?”s. 

NO checking out partial equipment kits.

→ Only complete equipment kits can be checked out.

Kit's Equipment


GoPro Hero 8, Battery, & MicroSD are the main components of your kit. The Hero 8 is touchscreen, and waterproof up to 10 m/ 33 feet if the Battery/ SD hatch is closed properly. On a full charge, the battery can take upwards of +999 photos or 5 hours of video. The MicroSD is 64 GB.


 AC USB Charging Block has 2 USB ports for charging. The USB A→C Charging cord plugs into the Hero 8 and charges the battery that way.


GoPro Branded USB A→C Cable is the charging cable and an alternate media transfer cable.


Accessory Screws attach the Hero 8 to the desired accessory mount whether that's a tripod, selfie stick, or a head-chest-wrist mount. You'll need one of these screws to accomplish that. Each kit comes with 2.

Selfie Stick provides arm extension when filming. The Selfie Stick comes in 2 styles; the top one allowing over 2 feet of clearance, and requires the tripod mount and accessory screw to secure the Hero 8 to the handle; the bottom one allowing just over 1 foot and only requires an accessory screw. 


Tripod Mount can screw into the top of a tripod or like-accessories to attach the Hero 8.


Float Mount duals as a handle and floatie for the Hero 8! 


Clip Mount can attach to an article of clothing, straps, or anything it can clip onto. The clip is strong! We recommend testing the clip to ensure that you don't damage the area it will be attached to. 


Wrist Mount has 2 straps: to secure to the wrist, then to tighten in place. The strap has a rotating camera base that can be locked in place. 


Head Mount is an adjustable elastic strap that goes over the head with the camera placement on the forehead. The strap has an inner rubber strip intended to help keep the mount from falling off. 



Chest Mount is an adjustable elastic strap that hangs from the shoulders and is secured across the torso. Final Placement is on the upper chest. The mounting clip can detach so be aware that the clip snaps into place when in use. 

Cell Phone Software

GoPro Cellphone App: GoPro Quik.

Wirelessly view photo/film previews, change camera preferences, take photos or videos, and power down the Hero 8. Available on iOS and Android systems. Create an account or you may continue as a guest. Requires Bluetooth & Wi-Fi access.

For Post-Editing: We recommend using the Freedman Center Computers as the Quik in-app editing functions are only available with a Premium subscription.