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Audio Recorder with Video

What is in the equipment kit and how to borrow.

The Kit

Located in the Tech Table, the Audio Recorder with Video Kit can be checked out at the Service Center.

Audio Recorder with Video provides seamless integration of audio and video. Three audio environments--Concert, Solo, and Meeting--and three audio quality settings are available. Six video quality settings are also available to choose from. Battery operated with batteries provided upon checkout. 

Alternatives: The Audio Recorder is ideal for recording on the move. The Microphone Kit must be attached to a computer to function but is a high quality audio capture device for podcast, audiobook, or other like-minded audio scenarios. 

Complete User Manual: Zoom Q2n 4k

Lending Policies

Available for checkout to CWRU & CIM students, faculty, and staff at the Service Center. CWRU Alumni, CIA, Public or Visiting patrons are not permitted to check out loanable equipment kits. 

5 day lending period.

NO due dates on weekends & NO due dates when the Library is officially closed. 

→ Be aware of Semester breaks! While classes may be on break, the library may not!

NO renewals on equipment.

NO holds on equipment.

NO doubling up on the same equipment (ex: 2 still cameras).

→ HOWEVER, checking out different equipment is encouraged (ex: 1 video camera, 1 still camera).

NO “Can I return this and check it right back out?”s. 

NO checking out partial equipment kits.

→ Only complete equipment kits can be checked out.

The Kit's Equipment


Zoom Q2n, Lens Cap & MicroSD are the main components of the kit. The Zoom Q2n--on a full charge and empty MicroSD--can record video (depending on film setting from 1 1/2 to 12 hours, or between 30- 90 hours of audio. Zoom Q2n has a micro HDMI port and a USB data port.

USB AB Cable acts as the kit's data cable. Please use this in place of removing the SD card to transfer media.