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Guide to Open Educational Resources (OER): Find Open Access Articles

Collection of free resources that support free access to knowledge.

Find Open Access Articles

"Open Access is the free, immediate, online availability of research articles coupled with the rights to use these articles fully in the digital environment."(SPARC, the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition).

There are multiple ways for scholarly works to be open access:

Authors self-archive in repositories

The repositories can be at institutional or central level, or can be specialized in a specific subject.

Central level repositories

These repositories are maintained by major funders.

Institutional repositories

Discovering each institutional repository is a difficult task. Instead, it is recommended the use of specialized search engines to discover repositories of interest.

Subject repositories

Check this list for more disciplinary repositories:

Open access journals

Open access journals are journals freely available to readers. These journals are published by open access publishers or by traditional publishers.

Find open access journals titles from open access publishers:

Multidisciplinary open access journals

See the list of open access journals published by major publishers

Hybrid Journals

Publishers can offer a mix of traditional and open access articles or they offer free delayed access to their publications. See the individual journal home pages and check what articles are available for free.