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Viewing Movies in KSL


Please Note: Due to the pandemic, viewing options in the library have changed.
The library ceased lending both Analog & Digital Headphones in the Spring of 2020.
If you would like to learn more about the formats of media the library lends - we made a video to explain!

Option 1: Viewing Stations A, B, and C.

1) There are 3 dedicated viewing stations in the Freedman Center A, B, and C.
Stations A & B have a TV/VCR Combo with a large TV and remotes
Station C have an International Region Free DVD Player with a large TV and remotes
2) Stations A, B, and C are limited to 2 patrons at a time.
3) Patrons must bring their own headphones to use on the station. They accept either 1/8" or 1/4" headphone jacks or most Bluetooth headphones.
4) There is a volume control on the TV remote as well as the headphone splitter box!
5) At this time, Bluray and International VHS are not available at the viewing stations. Our intention is to redeploy them, we just haven't put this on the expedited list at this time. Please contact us if you need them deployed sooner.
5) To use Bluetooth headphones - watch this video! Out stations allow for 2 different Bluetooth headphones to be plugged in at the same time!
Please Note: As headphones vary greatly, we cannot guarantee that all headphones will be compatible with or connect to the bluetooth transmitters.  Wireless headphones designed for phones use different technology than wireless headphones designed for television viewing. Some headphones may have a latency. This is inherent to the headphone and there is nothing we can do about it on our end.
This is a short video on how to use Stations A, B, and C:

Option 2: A/V Stations 1-6

1) There are 6 A/V Editing Stations that have DVD players built into the computer and also have VLC and other media players installed.
2) Stations 1-6 are limited to 1 patron at a time.
3) Patrons must bring their own headphones to use on the station. They accept either 1/8" or 1/4" headphone jacks or most Bluetooth headphones.
4) There is a headphone jack on the left side of the monitor!
5) To use your own Bluetooth headphones - please watch this video:
6) Please note: Only one Bluetooth headphones can connect to a computer at a time and not all headphones are fully compatible.
7) Please note this is for DVDs ONLY - not VHS or Blueray

Option 3: Borrow a Bluray player for your home computer

1) The library lends external USB Bluray players that can play both Bluray and DVDs.

2) The connection is USB-A (The rectangular shaped one - NOT USB-C the more rounded oval shaped one).

3) DVDs should play fine in the VLC Media Player.***

4) Blurays require special software.  You can find modifications to make VLC work for Blurays. We have also used the LEAWO Bluray player which is free and cross platform.***

5) This solution only works if the DVD or Bluray can be checked out of the library - this would exclude films that are on reserve.

*** As these are third party companies we cannot warranty or support their use - we just know they work well.

This video gives an overview of what happens when you put a DVD or Bluray in a computer and try to run it with the VLC Media Player.

Option 4: Borrow a standalone Bluray player for your home!

We lend a standlone portable DVD/Blueray player with a built in 14" screen and speakers!

This is designed as another "to go" option to be used outside of the library with DVDs/Blurays that can circulate.

Please note: If you want to use the unit - IN- the library you will need to use your own analog headphones.

Thank You

As always if you have any questions, please email - we are here to help!